Bobby James

The Guy with The Hat
Bobby James[small]
I get asked about the Hat all the time, so I will share the “short” Story with you, You can get the Full story by getting my FREE eBook Here.
I’m sure everyone has heard the phrase “If You can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em”. Well that’s what I did. Here’s the short story;
For many years I would go to Networking events and such. Well when I would follow up with someone, by phone mostly, I would try to refresh their memory of who I am by reminding them of what we talked about. And what happened 9 times out of 10, what I would hear is “OH, You’re the Guy with The Hat!” YeP, That’s Me! And now it’s a Tag Line! 😉

The Rest of my story kinda goes like this;

I have worked for the last couple of decades to get away from having a “Job” that keeps people “Just Over Broke”. You know, like the minimum wage that NEVER catches up with the cost of living?

And after working with SO many MLM Opportunities that I can’t even remember them all, I Finally found a Home with MatchRate PLUS.

The Main reason I am here is the “Give Back” aspect of our Exclusive program that actually Shares the company profits with Business owners who partner with the company as well as Nonprofits who need Help with their Funding efforts.

I am also very keen on Helping Entrepreneurs as much as I can. I encourage Everyone who has any B2B connections and experience to Connect With Me! I would Love to talk to you about a Co-Op endeavor to Help Business Owners Locally as Well as Nationwide.

Let’s work Together to Help Make 2013 The Best Year for Entrepreneurs!

Bobby James
The Guy with The Hat
**BJames (**252367)

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By the Way, “The Guy with The Hat” IS a registered Trademark, so don’t even THINK about Stealing it! 😛

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