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The Guy with The Hat!

Welcome Everyone and Thank You for taking time out of Your busy Day to spend a few minutes on my site. This is going to be an Evolving Entity, so Please visit often. Be sure to subscribe to keep in touch. I plan on adding Many benefits for Entrepreneurs, so Please do stay in touch.

This Year, we will be taking a Wild Ride Together as I add an Internet Radio Show on Fridays from 12:00 to 12:30pm PST (Start Date to be announced). It will feature Local Nonprofits, Schools and Faith Based Organizations as well as Local Heroes in my Area. I do have plans to take it Nationwide, based on the success level and feedback of my audience.

You will also find Freebies (Check out My eBook) Here,
Anything and Everything I can find that will Help my Fellow Entrepreneurs for FREE!

Along those lines, I will also be adding a “Business Tools” Tab to offer such things as Bulk Emailers, Autoresponders, Lead Generators, etc Marketing Tools.

I plan on offering Much, Much More, so stay tuned.arrow_red_right_up

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Bobby James
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By the Way, “The Guy with The Hat” IS a registered Trademark, so don’t even THINK about Stealing it! 😛

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