NonProfits-Work with Bobby James

Our Nonprofit Program

is a NO COST, Sustainable, Funding Solution supported by the 43 Trillion dollar Merchant Service Industry. The Nonprofit Program is an exclusive, unique, patent pending Program that is offered ONLY by MatchRate PLUS and is available for Schools, Nonprofits, and Faith Based Organizations who wish to Partner with MatchRate PLUS to the Benefit of their organization, as well as the Community as a Whole.


I am offering an 8 part educational video series featuring an interview with Mr. Christopher Herring. Mr. Herring is the National Director of MatchRate PLUS, the Nonprofit Division, and will be addressing questions about this Campaign.

We will be discussing the following Topics:

PayPal vs MatchRate PLUS

What is the Cost?

How would a Nonprofit Share the Program?

How do we “Convince” Businesses to Support the Program?

How Much can a Nonprofit Expect to Make from this type of Program?

How does this Program Impact The 501(c)3 Status?

And Finally,

Where do We Go to Find out More?

The first video is an introduction to Mr. Herring. It gives you a little bit of background of who he is and what qualifies him to lead this campaign.

The second video addresses the Benefits of Our Program verses an alternate solution such as PayPal.

Video three discusses the “Cost” of participating in our “No Cost” Program.

Please note: If You have missed any part of this series, you can access the videos via the Archive below the video. Thank You.

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MatchRate PLUS

is Proud to Present:

Mr. Christopher Herring

Video #4 will be posted Mar. 1, 2013.

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Coming in 2013 ~ The Tri-City Nonprofit Business Expo!

This will be an event to benefit Schools, Nonprofits, and Faith Based Organizations located within the Tri-City area of Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, and Moorpark in Southern California. This is the first event of it’s kind to highlight the benefits of the Nonprofit program, which is to offer a viable and sustainable funding solution for nonprofits, without the need of an up front financial commitment.

My goal is to gather local Nonprofits in one area and invite local businesses to attend and participate in the program to, not only support the Nonprofit of their choice, but to also benefit their own business as well.

This will be done in two phases:

Phase One

I will be inviting a minimum of 100 local Nonprofits to a presentation of this unique program. The event itself will be limited to 100 local Nonprofits who decide to participate in the program. It is FREE to come on board. However, in order to participate in the Fundraising program, the participating Nonprofit must agree to partner with MatchRate PLUS as a Merchant Partner as well. These details will be explained at the presentation. There is also NO COST to get started as a Merchant Partner.

Phase Two

Once we have our Nonprofit Partners on board, we will launch our campaign to the Business Community within the Tri-City area and invite them to support the Nonprofit of their choosing at our Expo. My Goal is to have at least 5 Businesses Partner with each nonprofit, which would mean an initial $750 for each of the Nonprofits participating (The details of how much a Nonprofit can make on an ongoing basis will be explained at the presentation as well as the video series above).

The Potential

The potential benefit to BOTH Nonprofits AND local Businesses is HUGE. This particular program is designed specifically to Help Organizations avoid the pitfalls of “Reinventing the Wheel”, so to speak, each time they have a funding need. No more outlay of cash to buy items that they have to resell. No more wondering what to do with leftover inventory. No more going to supporters with your hand out looking for them to donate their hard earned, possibly short amount, of money. This program actually PAYS it’s Partners to participates and thus creates a Stimulus to the Local as well as The National Economy.

The Nonprofit program is a New and Unique approach that
takes advantage of monies Already being generated in the Merchant Service Industry,
and therefore does not create an Extra Burden for either the Nonprofits nor their Business Partners!

I look forward to sharing more information as we move forward. In the meantime:

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NonProfits-Work with Bobby James

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2 thoughts on “NonProfits-Work with Bobby James

  1. I have 3 such agencies that could really use funding assistance:

    Riverside Community Parks Association Inc. an established 501c3 who works with youth in the Inland Empire with multiple youth groups who teach and instruct: dance, health and fitness, and mentoring. RCPA

    Stepfamily Co-Parenting Center, operated by Tricia Powe in the Inland Empire:

    U S Towing Consortium Inc. a 501 non-profit organization spear headed by a consortium of tow truck industry professionals who give back to the community with special programming of the residents in our communities and also improving the quality and performance of tow truck companies and towing professionals.

    • Thank you very much for your interest in the program Gar

      I would be happy to have a conversation regarding the organizations you mentioned. Our Goal is to Help Nonprofits, Schools and Faith Based Organizations across the US achieve thier Goals and not have to worry so much about where the funding will come from. I will get in touch with you directly to discuss.

      Have a Prosperous Day Brother

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